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Thread: Why I stopped teaching Yoga to follow Jesus

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    Why I stopped teaching Yoga to follow Jesus

    This is an interview about a lady who use to teach Yoga. She seems to connect it with a spirit realm that's dangerous.

    Have you any thoughts on this? I was taught against it too but quite honestly I can't remember why.

    "Why I Stopped Teaching Yoga and Reiki, to Follow Jesus" - Jessica Smith interview - YouTube

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    Reiki is spiritual healing. Yoga is Hindu in nature and can range from just physical exercise all the way over to where people try to unite with a snake spirit that extends along their spine.

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    The 'sin' question is never raised in Yoga, and the answer to sin; the Cross of Christ is never presented or in view.
    Yoga offers 'enlightenment' only to the deceived.
    It has no answer to the problem of the wrong things we do and our meeting with a holy and just God.
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    I have chosen not to practice or participate in yoga classes or poses. Now, I know I'll come under fire for that because it's "harmless" according to many Christians. But here's the thing that clutches it for me - playing with fire, one is likely to get burnt. Practices that are "borderline" with Christians are, in fact, not borderline with God. I see there is a gray area in some things, and I know there is grace, but deliberately playing around, practicing yoga, even under the guise of "exercise" - no. Not going to happen. I've been seeing God as One who wants a holy bride, not one that continually dabbles in the culture. Even the word "holy" means set apart, separate from.

    So I'm not going to be like the culture going after whatever comes along next. Yoga is on that list, along with a lot of movies and books that are full of inappropriate things, certain TV shows (well, we don't have cable any more so it's not like we flip the TV on and let it run), etc. I would much rather err on the side of holiness and the fear of the Lord than to count on the well of grace to continue on forever.

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