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Thread: The discrepancies

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    The discrepancies

    Cardinal TT : I have mentioned before God takes into account the spiritual condition of the person, new convert, what sort of pressure or temptation they were under, did they have mental problems, etc.

    Sin is dangerous but the line that is crossed is determined by God for each individual person

    For instance if Smith Wigglesworth committed immorality then he would be judged far more harshly than most believers due to his spiritual maturity....praise God he showed that conquering sin is possible
    Colonel : You accuse me of overthinking things simply because I place emphasis on the new covenant and its terms and state that God is faithful to it and that the presence of the Holy Spirit and faith in our hearts guarantees the inheritance to come.
    Cardinal TT : another strawman....I don't disagree with your comment so don't use it to make things up as if I don't believe it
    Then Cardinal TT tells me to "verify exactly what VW believes". I tried to do that in the other thread and I still haven't gotten the answers that would actually pinpoint what it is that he believes.

    I still have no clue what Cardinal TT believes about these things either since his statements appear to be internally contradictive. So I'll ask some simple questions about the above and see if I will get answers to those questions, thereby "verifying exactly what Cardinal TT believes". Maybe I will have more luck with that ?

    Can a person have the Holy Spirit and genuine faith and at that moment be on his way to hell ?

    Can a person die having the Holy Spirit and genuine faith and then be sent to hell ?

    According to the first quote from Cardinal TT above, the answer to at least one of the questions should be "yes". According to the second quote from Cardinal TT above, the answer to both questions should be "no".

    In case you think I'm messing with someone here, no I'm not. I'm simply trying to figure out what it is that people believe. Stating that "I believe in A and not in A at the same time" would be a dysfunctional answer to such a question.

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