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Six occasions?? Were you in law enforcement? Were you a criminal? Details.
No, back when I wuz a young guy I was in to partying and they were related to hanging out with people that were either drunk, on dope, or had devils.

First time it happened was when I was 19 and these guys claimed I stole some money out of their apartment... that they left UN-LOCKED during the day while they were at work cause they lost their key and hadn't had it replaced yet.
(I got saved a few months before and backslid after about 6 weeks cause nobody told me about Mark 4:14-20... and heads up would have been nice!)

Yeah, I was about to really freak out thinking I was going to die when the guy threw one in the chamber and the one of the other guys turned the stereo up wayyyy loud (I'm thinking to cover up the sound of a gun shot)... but, on the inside I started getting this peace and a knowing that they were not gonna shoot me.

So, I just stood there and looked at em for a few moments and then said, "well, I guess I'm not welcome here anymore so I really should be going" and I walked out. Yeah, these guys definitely had devils!