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Thread: What Does "Passover" Really Mean?

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    What Does "Passover" Really Mean?

    What Does "Passover" Really Mean?

    What Does “Passover” Really Mean?-devotional-u00252bcover-jpg

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    Even evil spirits were said to be sent from God in the OT and both God and Satan are referred to as being behind the same event where David is incited to sin. The reason why is of course that Satan and his minions had a legal right to go after human beings because of their sin since their sin implied that they were under Satan's power and ownership. That's why Satan is called the Accuser as he is in the passage in Zechariah, he accuses and then secures an according right to go after the one he has accused, with God as the highest legal authority. That changed with the new covenant and now Satan has been defeated and cast out of heaven meaning he has no legal business there.

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