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Thread: Church asks-older-members-to-leave

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    I hope they remove all their memorial plaques as they go.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Berserk View Post
    My parents used to attend a large mega-Baptist church in Kelowna, BC. The church had a rule that no member over 40 could participate with the praise team or sing individually or in groups on the platform during the Sunday service. What amazed me about this music policy is that this church had a female opera star as a member. Since she was over 40, she was barred from performing.
    My reply is completely off topic!

    Interesting you mention Kelowna... I have family in Kelowna (cousins mostly) and I've been to a some conferences there. A couple at Wes and Stacey Campbell's church and the other church I don't remember its name, but I attended Patricia King's Prophetic Boot Camp and Glory School.
    I'm headed to Kelowna in February for the 4th Battle for Canada. These have been absolutely amazing.

    The battles so far have been in North Battleford, SK, Edmonton, AB and St. John, NB.

    KELOWNA | Battle For Canada

    Right after B4F, is School of the Prophets. It's going to be an amazing week, spiritually and Kelowna is always so beautiful. Speakers are Jeremiah Johnson, Stacey Campbell, Dean Briggs, Marc Brisbois and Art Lucier.

    Now back to our regularly scheduled thread.

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