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Thread: Heartbroken: Two Disturbing Healing/Prophetic Trends

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    Heartbroken: Two Disturbing Healing/Prophetic Trends

    This came through on FB this morning.

    Heartbroken: Two Disturbing Healing/Prophetic Trends
    Jeremiah Johnson

    I love prophetic services and gatherings. I have been attending and ministering at them for many years. However, I have learned that it's really important as I travel and minister into regions and territories to sit down with the local and regional leadership and hear their hearts. Often times in the prophetic stream, we have great public meetings at the expense of the local and regional leadership never being cared for and/or given the opportunity to speak what's on their hearts. What are the burdens and concerns they are carrying for not only their specific communities, but what is their perception of prophetic ministry both locally and nationally?

    Over the last six months in 2019, I have had four different sets of established leaders from multiple ministries and churches around the USA describe to me their experiences with traveling prophetic/healing ministries and it has DEEPLY GRIEVED my soul. I confess on two different occasions that I have vomited in hotel bathrooms overcome with a burden concerning what they shared with me.

    It is my continued belief that traveling healing/prophetic ministries disconnected from authentic community and accountability pose as one of the greatest threats and weapons of destruction against the Church in these last days.

    1. The First Trend: Sexual Misconduct

    The first trend the four different sets of established leaders have witnessed is the sexual misconduct/perversion of some traveling prophetic/healing ministries. For example, I recently sat with a leader who told me in detail that a well known prophetic minister had been coming into their region for several months. The man claimed he was on assignment from God to "pour into their region". At first the meetings were incredible, but sadly ended with this minister telling single and married women that if they wanted to go "higher in God", they had to sleep with him. Yes, you not only read that correctly but yes, single and married women were successfully seduced into adultery and fornication with this man. The impact that this perversion had on the region was that it opened up a demonic stronghold filled with mixture and deception concerning prophetic and healing ministry. It greatly damaged and poisoned the local and regional leadership toward prophetic/healing ministry.

    I wept all night after hearing this horrendous story and unfortunately various accounts of these types of situations continue to abound all over the USA. On three other occasions, I have been made aware that traveling prophetic/healing ministers have connected with women at various public meetings only to begin inappropriate private relationships online etc. What business does a traveling prophetic minister have getting the phone numbers of any woman for any reason at a conference or host church? Why are traveling prophetic/healing ministers traveling alone? Where is their spouse? If they don't have one, is an accountability partner traveling with them? Who do they answer to? I want to highly encourage all conference and church hosts who are inviting traveling prophetic/healing ministries into your events to do a thorough background check on them. DO NOT BE FOOLED BY INTERNET PERCEPTION. Talk to people behind the scenes who actually know them, their marriage, their personal life etc. This is righteous. This is noble. This is absolutely necessary in the day we live in. Shepherds! Be aware of the wolves. They come in sheep's clothing to devour and fornicate with the people of God.

    2. The Second Trend: Lovers of Money

    It has been continually reported to me by local and regional leadership teams that the gift of "the word of knowledge" has now become the forerunner to get into the financial pockets of the people of God. Five different pastors in various cities in the USA have told me accounts of five different traveling prophetic/healing ministries who have designed their meetings solely around this specific gift. After worship, these healing/prophetic ministers go directly into calling out "words of knowledge", seeing some healed, and then going after an offering as the people of God are in an emotional state. They call out random numbers from the Bible telling the saints it has to do with seed money etc. "There are 10 people here who God is saying are supposed to give a 1,000 dollar seed" type of manipulation and scamming. There is no preaching of the word of God, no altar calls, and very little to no connection with the leadership who invited them in. It's basically some type of charismatic circus performance. These antics of using prophetic and healing gifts to bolster offerings and take advantage of the body of Christ are seriously damaging local and regional leaders in many places.

    I wish I could confess that these scenarios told to me again and again by local and regional leadership were being done by traveling prophetic/healing ministries that no one has ever heard of before, but that's simply not the truth. In fact, this is why I weep and groan so deeply in the secret place. Because of our lack of discernment in portions of the Charismatic Movement and disregard for clear biblical standards, we have normalized this type of behavior and continue to feed it. It must be stopped and it must be stopped now.

    Jeremiah, please just give us the names so we can "mark them". Isn't that the problem though? That believers no longer exercise their own discernment. They take no responsibility in the role they have played in this charismatic madness?

    Why don't we just start with examining the prophetic/healing ministries we follow and give our money to? Do they preach holiness and repentance? Do they walk in integrity and accountability? Where do they attend church and who do they submit to? Are they married and have kids? Is it train wreck? If they aren't married, do you really know if they are homosexual/lesbian or not? Do they have an established track record with leaders and ministries who have credibility? We must do better or many of the traveling prophetic/healing ministries are headed for shipwreck and the body of Christ is going to be ravaged as a result of it.

    If you are a church leader/conference host and have been hurt by this type of behavior, I repent to you on behalf of traveling ministers who operate in the prophetic/healing and want nothing to do with the scenarios listed above.

    If you have been pimped and prostituted by the prophetic and healing ministries, I'm so sorry. May God forgive and judge us for our love of mammon and sexual impurity.

    With tears,

    Jeremiah Johnson

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    I love Jeremiah and what he brings to the Body. I see what he is burdened with and share a portion of that in my own ministry life. Apostolic calling and ministry is heating up with tears right now. What prophetic life we have here in the small towns of the north can easily be set back by indulgences; monetarily and sexual improprieties. Our prophetically gifted and inclined group here is close knit. That is our protection, so to speak.

    The 2 critical problems JJ listed above are widespread and increasing in these last days. Let me give you what has caused me added anguish in the past few weeks. In my movement (denomination) we had a longstanding and highly esteemed pastor confessing on Facebook he has lived a double life. Over the decades he has embezzled/STOLEN (!) 285,000$ and admitted to being addicted to opiates, visiting prostitutes/massage parlors. I am trying to be a help to one of the families that left years ago due to redflags of discernment. Not a pretty sight.

    This is real.

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    Christ is not ashamed to call us brother (or sister). In a minister this should manifest in the form of Godly relationships, not hierarchy. The church gets into trouble when they elevate the "stars".

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