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    Quote Originally Posted by fuego View Post
    The guy in the video. The channel is called The Last Reformation. I had to look up the channel myself to figure it out.

    Seems to be basically down on any manifestations. He said before if he say someone on the ground 'under the power' and shaking, he would have said 'more Lord'. Now he says he'd cast the devil out of them.
    Nah, he's not down on any manifestations, just saying that we need discernment as to what is flesh, what is demonic and what is actually Holy Spirit. In a church service you might witness all 3 in operation on any given day.

    They may have been looking up Dr. Brown for some local support. Their new Jesus Center, "The Ark" is in North Carolina.

    They are saying that a genuine encounter with the Holy Spirit should produce fruit in the life of those who are experiencing the encounter.

    I would agree with them. You should listen to the whole interview. Pretty insightful.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ezekiel 33 View Post
    Nah, he's not down on any manifestations
    I'm not sure it's possible to interpret him like that and I did listen to the entire thing. It's not a language problem either since he's a Scandinavian who's trying to communicate in the English language.

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