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Thread: Jim Bakker selling Real Estate

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    Quote Originally Posted by A.J. View Post
    The Business Standard News
    BS News, keeping it real.
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    The Business Standard News is a satirical site designed to parody the 24-hour news cycle. The stories are outlandish, but reality is so strange nowadays they could be true.
    Right, its fake:

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    I believe that there's enough untrue stuff out there about the body of Christ that we don't have to help it along by believing and posting false reports...

    For the record, people, ALWAYS check the "About" on a site. It will tell you what kind of site it is.

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    I sent in my love offering... but it wasn't to his ministry so they won't be praying for me.

    I keep waiting to an honest minister to say "It's important that we give to support the Gospel, so if you are not supporting this ministry we urge you to spend time with the Lord to find out which ministry He is calling you to support"

    Wouldn't it be something if a TV preacher or any preacher said this?

    I'd send a fella money just for putting it this way instead of what all the other guys imply that if you don't give to out ministry you will not be blessed.

    Whether he actually said this or not... they all imply that giving to their ministry brings blessings

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cardinal TT View Post
    Can Bakker sue them?
    and loose his real estate on gold street n heaven? please.....

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