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Thread: Self-Proclaimed 'Prophet' Stands on John MacArthur's Stage and Rebukes Him

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    Did you notice the part where she said "the tongue" ?

    God has always sent people to speak in His behalf and this guy interrupting the meeting was most likely sent by God to speak.

    God wasn't paying attention to what MacArthur was saying so it was best to interrupt the service with some warnings.

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    Did God Send a Prophet to Rebuke John MacArthur?

    The video has now gone viral, providing embarrassment for the charismatic movement and fodder for those who deny that the prophetic gifts are for today.

    A self-proclaimed prophet from Scotland disrupted a Sunday morning service on Aug. 16 as Pastor MacArthur stood behind the pulpit, rebuking him for teaching cessationism and for being divisive, announcing that he was a prophet sent by God.

    Pastor MacArthur listened quietly before security removed the man, who continued to call for repentance as he was escorted out the door.

    Pastor MacArthur then responded like a completely composed, totally unruffled, senior statesman, using humor and assuring the congregants that the security team would handle the intruder with gentleness.

    He explained that this uninvited guest claimed that it is heresy to say that spiritual gifts like tongues and prophecy have ceased and he added that, according to 1 Corinthians 14, the spirits of prophets are subject to the prophets and if this man were a real prophet, he wouldn't have behaved that way.

    Of course, if you read about what the prophets did in the Old Testament and even in the New Testament (see Acts 21:10-11), a disruptive act like this would be quite minor...

    ...But there's something else I have a problem with, and I've raised my voice about it for two years now, also reaching out to Pastor MacArthur publicly and privately to discuss or even debate the relevant issues.

    I'm speaking about the extreme rhetoric used by my elder brother in his attacks on my colleagues in the charismatic movement, including some of the most saintly, Jesus-loving, Word-based, spiritually minded people I know anywhere in the world.
    I'm talking about charges he made loudly and publicly like this: "The charismatic movement is largely the reason the church is in the mess that it's in today. In virtually every area where church life is unbiblical, you can attribute it to the charismatic movement."

    He claimed we have "stolen the Holy Spirit and created a golden calf and they are dancing around the golden calf as if it is the Holy Spirit. ... The charismatic version of the Holy Spirit is that golden calf ... around which they dance with their dishonoring exercises."

    Pastor MacArthur went as far as saying that we attributed "to the Holy Spirit even the work of Satan."

    In short, he called the charismatic movement "a farce and a scam" that "has not changed into something good," claiming that it represents "the explosive growth of a false church, as dangerous as any cult or heresy that has ever assaulted Christianity." Accordingly, he calls for a "collective war" against these alleged "pervasive abuses on the Spirit of God."

    He stated: "Satan's false teachers, marching to the beat of their own illicit desires, gladly propagate his errors. They are spiritual swindlers, con men, crooks and charlatans."

    And, he continued, "By inventing a Holy Spirit of idolatrous imaginations, the modern charismatic movement offers strange fire that has done incalculable harm to the body of Christ. Claiming to focus on the third member of the Trinity, it has in fact profaned His name and denigrated His true work..."

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    Quote Originally Posted by John View Post
    How are they doing with that?
    A lot of folks tune them out.

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