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Thread: Ken Copland coming under attack on HBO Show

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cardinal TT View Post
    You need to address me as Your Holiness
    Okay Your Holiness.

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    Ya gotta admit... when these TV preachers get to honkin about money, it is quite comical

    I had to give Copeland the boot over something else tho - his belief the the pope is a brother in Christ when the guy is clearly an an idolator which folks would know if they knew anything about catholicism

    Apparently Copeland does not know about satan's end time ecumenical efforts resulting in the one world religion running parallel to satan's one world government where the pope is the false prophet... he's the obvious choice for a world wide religious leader to run with the anti-christ to convince the masses that it's OK to get on board and "it's god's will that you flow with everyone".... oops, wrong God!

    It was sad to see Copeland not have the necessary spiritual discernment needed to know that there are so many errors with what the pope teachers and stands for. I always thought Copeland was a Word guy... apparently not!

    This sort of thing is going to cause many Christians to unknowingly follow satan because... many Christians do not know enough about God's Word to think for themselves and have their own relationship with the Lord.

    Sad indeed these last daze...

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