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    Getting Out There Thread

    My brother was texting me from his treestand saying our hunting partner friend had a cougar walking under his stand. This section of heavily wooded property is a hunters paradise with a large pond and island. This draws critters. The section is not far from where we lived on the lake the past few years. Several years ago when scouting the property my brother was charged by the bear he had trailcam pics of. Over the years we have regarded the Vorce Rd property as (as my brother's son says) bad JuJu. We laughed over that. Until yesterday. I will be hunting the firearm season in my ground blind here.

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    My first ride up Avalanche Mt since moving back to Boyne City. It's been 2 1/2 years last ride up this hill and I somehow forgot it was a 900ft climb in 2 miles. This hill is a great humbler.

    Here is the scene at the top overlooking the town:

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    My brother texted me this morning with another mystery as they got geared up in the early morning darkness:

    "Something watched us pull in, get out and get all our gear ready, and close doors making the usual amount of noise and headlamp light. About 7 minutes worth. I grab my crossbow and Barry whispers. 'Something watching us over there. A werewolf lol.' I couldn't see it but I got directly in his path of light. It's eyes were bright. Not the usual green color from a deer. It was definitely up off the ground walking. It didn't run and followed us for what we could see about 30 yards or so. Then we couldn't see it. Could of followed us farther, I don't know. But it wasn't afraid of us at all. No snorting like a deer. No noise at all. Very uneasy feeling going in this morning knowing what's around here."

    This is where I will be going in by myself during the firearm season.

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    This morning I asked if there was further activity in that area. He said they have found tracks where a cougar had stalked them. He said there were scratched up basketball sized piles of dirt along the trail. He said they are looking for droppings with the ironic thought of hoping someday he wouldnt be in one of those piles. Just another day in the woods of Vorce Rd.

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    Get that trail cam going! ;)

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    Quote Originally Posted by krystian View Post
    Get that trail cam going! ;)
    We have wolves on one. This is my brother's place, he has 3 or so.

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    Alrighty, sighted two rifles at the range, set up my ground blind (30yds from the cougar sighting) and now waiting for opening day this Friday morning.

    This is the heavy firepower I'm going in with.

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