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    Most of the campgrounds have hosts, even the more remote rustic places. We found the nicest site that happened to be next to the host couple. They are locals that have childhood memories and ties to the campground...hang with me here.

    She is a very sanguine story teller that loves what she is doing, even moreso after her evening drink. She approached our site last night to say I should keep watch for something mysterious to surface. My wife says "a Tomahawk Lake Nessie??". Then she continues, they have had one of them little underwater drone thingies and divers and they just couldn't find it. What, I asked. A missing body...

    Search continues for missing Alpena man – True North Radio Network

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    Tonight we visited the Sinkholes natural area. Sinkholes occur from limestone substrate being washed away through aquifer and eroding the substrata where the ground gives way sinking in on itself leaving huge holes that create gorgeous lakes and when dry will leave a very deep hole with steep edges. Hard to describe even with a picture.

    Here is a shot my wife took when we stopped to take in the awesome beauty and out flushes this blue heron:


    Here is a sinkhole lake "Shoepac"..
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