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Thread: Camping!!

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    Not for the faint hearted.
    Is there such a thing as a rhetorical answer?
    Deja Moo: - (you don't want to know)
    Is it possible to have Deja vu and amnesia at the same time? (I feel like I've forgotten this before...) all from

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    Mountain Biking! Copper Harbor Trails system is in the top 5 worldwide. Trails that are easy, trails that are double black diamond, this place can suit all riders.

    This course starts with a run on the side of Brockway Mt. This was my first ride segment and made me a bit nervous but was fun beyond any hesitation. It was a black diamond (advanced) trail and a real thriller for my first time on it.

    My wife and I saw all the popular sights and even the ride out to High Rock Bay that is the furthest point you can reach by 4x4 in Michigan. What a trip just to get out there. The 7 miles of bad road is concluded with 3 miles of water crossings, rocky sections on a narrow 2-track "road". We passed a dozen vehicles that obviously changed their minds seeing the first descent to the first water hole. There was a beaver pond damming the creek for added intrigue. We felt rather accomplished at having made the trip out (and facing the same on the ride back) as did several other 4x4 trucks and jeeps...until this couple with a 2020 Buick Encore shows up. I kid you not, this guy ruined our ego buzz. I congratulated him.

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    Up at Horeshoe Harbor I had the fine opportunity to do some impulsive rock climbing on this natural 30ft wall. I do not like heights but the wall looked too inviting.

    Looking up:

    Looking down:

    The harbor from atop the rock formation:

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    The mountain bike trails are among the top 5 in the world. My bike is a custom build I did for technical, quicker handling and lighter weight. That means I don't do flying jumps getting crazy air but I do like to carve the tight berms.

    My first segment was on "The Edge", a thrillride on the edge of Brockway Mt. Here is a view of the edge noting the position of the bike front wheel...

    Halfway through The Edge there is a wildly steep rollercoaster type boardwalk with angled edges to keep the rider on track. Look closely and you can see some of the board work:

    Second day riding The Flow, this is a portion of the wooden track dumping out onto the rocky features

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    Quote Originally Posted by FireBrand View Post
    They do have wifi, right?

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    Quote Originally Posted by fuego View Post
    They do have wifi, right?
    Not very much signal, though. The router is in the shower/bath house so if you aren't close just forget it. In town they had places with free access being you won't have signal anywhere. Funny thing, with no strong signal in camp or town, at the top of Brockway Mt there was 3 bars of LTE. Pffft. Go figure. I guess when there is no obstacles (like trees and big hills) that one tower that is visible really does work.

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    I've been enjoying these show and tells, keep posting more pics...and don't forget the bridge on the way home. ;)

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    Quote Originally Posted by krystian View Post
    I've been enjoying these show and tells, keep posting more pics...and don't forget the bridge on the way home. ;)
    We left last Sarurday morning for the 8hr ride. Pulling a trailer I'm near white knuckle all the 5mi of the bridge crossing so neither of us were taking pics. The trip went well except for the last hour when a trailer tire blew. After 20min we were underway. Long day. Best vacation we ever had.

    Here is a pic of a sunset from high atop Brockway Mt:

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