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Thread: Figs popping!

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    Smile Figs popping!

    We just put our fig trees out and already they are sprouting figs!

    We have two different varieties and the fruit they produced last year (just a four or something because they were new), was absolutely extraordinary. One of the most complex figs I've ever tried (forgot the name of the variety). It had floral notes along with fruity notes, and I have to honestly say, I've literally never tasted anything like it.

    Every fall, Whole Foods gets in black mission figs from Cali, and they are mind-blowing. Mixed with peaches and a lil of that balsamic from the tap room..... Just.....

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    What variety are they? I've never grown them but my neighbor has a small bush type and gets a small harvest, I didn't realize they could be grown in Michigan.

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    Krys, my husband says the really hardy variety is called the Chicago fig. The other one we have is called Celeste.

    What I found out from my husband, that I didn't know, was that the fig tree had started sprouting figs when it was under our house for the winter (they are in pots as they like to be root bound). So even in the dark under our house, it was producing fruit. Amazing. I think that was the Chicago fig.

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