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Thread: Ice Fishing!

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    What a wild night on the little lake. Lots of guys there because so few lakes have safe ice. And the holiday folk from downstate. One guy was right on my spot so I told him he was was on a good place and moved further down to a new place to see what would happen. I saw things I never knew happened down pike schooling up like a wolf pack.

    I had 3 large pike circled around my bait (minnow on treble hook). They were just milling around it when off to the right a little 18" pike shot through the 3 and stold the minnow while they decided. I laughed and couldn't pull it up and reset quick enough. Never did catch one of the big ones as it was too dark and pike usually settle down. Anyways great night.

    Iced one bass...
    Ice Fishing!-a6ac7cc2-ed84-4a41-891b-1f90fdf3b234-jpg

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    Last week I gave a vacational ice fisher an intro to the world under the ice with my underwater camera. I was giving him the big perch I was pulling up and he loved the monitor screen with a little perch hanging out at my bait. I told him "you should see what a pike looks like". Later that night a very nice large pike drifted in and was curiously (typical of big ones) circling it. I motioned to Phil that he needed to see this pike. He came over and stood watching the screen when suddenly the big pike came around. His reaction was humorous. It came through like a long train...head and then body, and more body, and more body, the came the big tail. I admit I was quite thrilled. We both agreed it was easily a 36" class fish. It's still out there and I keep after it.

    Every night I see several walleyes (delicacy!!) and usually pull up several sub-24" pike.
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    Fished another area of the same lake, not really an impressive evening but did manage to ice 4 pike. Saw walleye, crappie, bluegill and bass.

    Ice Fishing!-9525dd24-7938-4c9b-83b4-b77d496f14fe-jpg

    Ice Fishing!-3416caa0-a1b6-4d2d-8c34-0c088a58b46b-jpg

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    There are dozens of place to fish less than 20mi away. Why am I always fishing Saint Clair, only 66 acres along the Chain of Lakes. You see, I have an obsession with Muskies. They get freaky big and are mystical in the pursuit. I have so very little evidence of Muskies in this little lake except for a last light silhouette I could barely make out the distinctive tail fin "V". Tonight was my night to see a big fat Muskie that quietly glided in to my bait area. No bites (did I say mystical?) but wow what a close up view. I just knew they were in here.

    Sorry for settings glitch on the TV/Gopro

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