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Thread: Fishing!

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    Here was my best day on ice. My very first muskie (dream fish) and through the ice at that. Double cool. Learning that my curiosity over this little 66ac lake is well deserved. The following pics are of Tiger muskie. The state shut down the tiger program 32 years ago but did say the hybrid crossing of pike and muskie can and does very rarely occur naturally. I raised a few eyebrows catching this little Tiger...

    Attachment 15227

    There are 3 biologist fisherman that say the little lake is dominated by variations and hybrids. In fact, is the perfect conditions for them to breed, crossovers. Better yet, last week was spawning season and found out my hotspot for ice fishing is where they all breed. No kidding. Thank you Jesus!
    Cool, catch and release or did you keep it?

    That ice has to have started melting, how thick is it now?

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    Quote Originally Posted by krystian View Post
    Cool, catch and release or did you keep it?

    That ice has to have started melting, how thick is it now?
    I'm catch n release on pike and muskie. That was only 21" but his girlfriend under the ice was at least 40" or more. Legal limit on all muskie up here is 48". Ice has been out for 2-3wks now. Not much biting yet while weeds are still short.

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    My favorite lake is just 4 miles away. In 20 minutes I'm on the water. Shallow (22ft max depth), full of bass, pike and walleye. Last night the bite was on. My lures were being ripped up by the pike. Here is a video of my best pike, last night. Saw it on sonar and caught it some distance away, obvious stalked the lure.

    PB Pike On A Berkley Flicker Shad - YouTube

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    Ice Fishing. Most guys wont go on the ice until it's 6" thick so they can pull all the pile of equip with an atv. Not me. I'm one of the first on ice guys. It was 2yrs ago first week of December and I told my wife I'm going over to Susan Lake, drill a hole and catch a pike. That's how it happened. Ice was 2 1/2" thick, I stepped out from the boat landing and went out and drilled a hole. I could see my minnow fluttering on the bottom. BOOM! A flash of green and white, the fight was on. I pulled up a 27" northern pike.

    I posted on face book...where all those that have anxiety issues show up. The experts were chewing me out for being so foolish. One guy says he is on the sheriff's dive team for people like me. He says "I pull too many corpses off the bottom that go through ice like you were on!!!!" I replied "why did you need dive gear for 3 feet of water??". Yup some people do foolish things but if you follow simple physics and use a spud to feel your way out chances are you will survive if you go three feet of water.

    I'm shooting for early December just a few weeks away.

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    Ever experience a mayfly hatch? In the Detroit area near the river you have to shovel them up like snow. They can get thick. Last night on my favorite little lake the hatch exploded. As the sun was setting you could hear them "dropping like flies" across the calm water. In spite of the free food on the surface for bass to gobble I still had a great night.

    Here is what the bug infested sky was like:

    The big pike were hitting!

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