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Thread: How to Avoid CCP Virus Propaganda

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    Quote Originally Posted by Susan View Post
    It is NOT a safe drug when taken in a massive dose, it could kill you. Also your comment about negligent homicide does not apply. A drug would have to be proven Safe AND effective. I would say to anyone, if they want to take ivermectin, please find a doctor who will prescribe the correct dose. There are other off label uses they could cite to do it. (totally think a pharmacist would narc out a doctor in a heartbeat for writing a script for covid) I don't care if people take it, if they get better, that's great! I just don't want to see people get hurt.
    Noting is safe in massive doses, including water, I'm not suggesting people take massive doses anyway, I'm just pointing out that the medical/media cult is lying about Ivermectin, calling it horse paste or horse pills and telling people that emergency rooms are filling up with Ivermectin overdoses, that is all a completely dishonest narrative. And yes, negligent homicide does apply, I'm sure medical folks have some legal dispensation but there is the letter of the law (medical mistakes are OK) and the spirit of the law (letting people die to support a narrative). It's quite demented, the way these docs pop up on TV telling everyone that "There is nothing we can do" for covid patients, take the vaccine!

    Someone is gonna kill the wrong granny and it won't be pretty to watch.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Susan View Post
    Look, NO ONE is saying that Ivermectin is a bad drug. It's an excellent drug. The issue is with people who are purchasing Ivermectin from Farm Stores thinking that they can take that. The problem is that the Ivermectin they are purchasing may not have the drug distributed evenly through the paste, you might get the whole horse dose in the beginning of the tube, or not get any at all. It's REALLY dangerous to take it that way.
    They may not use the term 'bad drug' but mainstream media and politics is trying to discredit it and those using it. They really aren't concerned with people 'overdosing' on it. They just don't want people taking it because it goes against their vaccination agenda. If Trump were still in office they would be discrediting the vaccine and promoting things like ivermectin.

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