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Thread: I'm Impressed with GAB and its CEO

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    I'm Impressed with GAB and its CEO

    There were some discussions regarding facebook, twitter replacements. Parler gets a lot of press because it is backed by GOP operatives and main stream personalities like Dan Bongino and a few others on the FOX crew. My understanding is that Parler will be selling user data primarily to GOP fund raiser types so if you want robo-calls blowing up your phone, use parler.

    Now, I have been looking at GAB and can give a whole-hearted endorsement of its service. They do not sell your data, they do not track you, period. The CEO is a born again christian who is really taking it to big tech.

    Here is an interview with the CEO.

    Building Antifragile Christian Businesses w/ Gab CEO Andrew Torba - CrossPolitic Studios

    It's a long interview but I'm highly impressed by this young man, his faith and how he is walking it out in the market place.

    link to gab:

    Gab Social

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