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Thread: A. B. Simpson and the Serpents in the Wilderness

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    A. B. Simpson and the Serpents in the Wilderness

    Been a couple of months since I wrote a blog post. Enjoy.

    A. B. Simpson and the Serpents in the Wilderness
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    I think that's a good example of God's permissive judgments in that He at the same time sets up their redemption from that calamity. Any one of them could be redeemed from the snake bites as opposed to for instance those who brought strange fire into the tabernacle.

    I thought about that very scripture recently actually because it's one of two OT references that Jesus uses to depict his crucifixion, death and/or resurrection (the other one being Jonah and the whale). The snake on the pole that redeemed those that looked unto it from their snake bites is a picture of Jesus on the cross redeeming us from death. It seems to be connected to a verse in one of the epistles that says that sin is the sting of death. Likewise the biting snake can be seen as the "sting" of the snake venom that it used to inject itself into the Israelites. So by hanging the snake on the pole to be cursed, the snake venom that used the snake as its sting was destroyed at the same time. Likewise, by hanging Jesus on a cross to be a curse for us, death that used sin as its sting was destroyed at the same time - in the subsequent resurrection. But that makes Jesus a representation of sin when he hung on the cross and that is exactly what 2 Cor 5:21 says, that God made Jesus who knew no sin to be sin for us, that we may become the righteousness of God in him. When God looked at the cross that Jesus hung on, he saw sin being cursed on it. That's a powerful scripture, I'm referring to Jesus' OT reference to the snake on the pole. It's perhaps a bit offensive too. So are other sayings of Jesus, like the one where he tells us to eat his flesh and drink his blood.

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