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Thread: SF 49ers going to Superbowl

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    SF 49ers going to Superbowl-fireshot-capture-214-home-_-twitter-com-jpg

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    Quote Originally Posted by John View Post
    SF 49ers going to Superbowl-fireshot-capture-214-home-_-twitter-com-jpg

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    Go Chiefs!!!

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    Well, that raps up another NFL season.

    SF 49'ers haven't won the Super Bowl since 1994.
    Last night's choke to the Chiefs makes 3 super bowl losses that the 49ers have choked on since that time. That makes 30 years of coming up short in the "Big Game" that counts.
    I would have liked to have seen Christian McCaffery get a ring because he's such a gifted running back. But he's still young (27) for his position, so I hope he gets his ring before the young back retires. Other than that, SF is an NFC West Seahawk rival, so the SF loss doesn't bother me whatsoever. Hopefully, with an entire new Seahawks coaching staff taking over at the VMAC (Seahawk headquarters) we can finally begin beating SF, and for that matter, the Rams also. We were winless against both of these NFC West opponents in 2023. Both the 49ers and the Rams have had our number for too long now. If we ever want to get back to winning our division, it starts with beating both of those teams in 2024. We play a total of 4 games against these NFC West rivals. 2 Rams. 2 49ers. Home and away.
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    Have you heard?? The Lions are announced as the betting favorite to win next year's Superbowl. I don't bet so I don't care BUT we know the team has a shot at it.

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