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Thread: Happysandyh and Tehilah Ba'Aretz

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    Happysandyh and Tehilah Ba'Aretz

    If you're facebook friends with Sandy you have probably seen her recent posts where two close family members passed in the last month and then two weeks ago her mother was rushed to the hospital with stomach pains and passed a few days ago.

    Tom is married to Sandy's sister and while in town for their mom's funeral he was suddenly rushed to the hospital also, here's her most recent update. Please keep their family in prayer.

    Update on Tom:
    According to the surgeon, Tom had a blockage in his bladder that was caused by multiple blood clots in his bladder. This was causing the intense pain and bleeding. They are keeping Tom at the hospital at least overnight. We may know more tomorrow about what to expect moving forward! Please continue to pray for Tom! In addition to the medical side... Tom is not covered by his Israeli insurance while in the States and he and Becky will have to personally pay for ...all of the hospital expenses - ambulance, ER, CT scan, surgery, doctors, hospital stay, etc... I'm thinking of starting a 'Go Fund Me' page to help them with all the medical costs they're facing!
    We are all feeling overwhelmed and exhausted... all of this coming right on top of our mom passing! And that right on top of Neil's brother and brother-in-law passing! We all need healing and rest!
    I appreciate all your prayers for all of us... especially for Tom right now!!

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    thanks..I hadn't seen the update.

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    So sorry to see what they are going through. Ugh

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    So much at once....praying for consolation only the Spirit of God can give...

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