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Thread: Red Pistachios and Raw Cashews

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    Red Pistachios and Raw Cashews

    I bought a bag of pistachios yesterday and I got to wondering why you don't see the red shelled ones anymore. I googled and found this article which also has some interesting info on cashews, they're related to poison ivy and can kill you if eaten raw...who knew!

    Why Cashews are Not Sold to Consumers in Their Shells
    Cashews are a member of the same family as poison ivy, Anacardiaceae. Like poison ivy and many other members of the family, part of the cashew plant contains an oily chemical called urushiol, which is a strong irritant for most people and can even be fatal for some if ingested...

    Why Pistachios Used to Be Dyed Red
    Historically, most pistachios in the United States were imported from the Middle East. The problem was that when they arrived, they tended to have numerous blemishes on the shells, particularly stains left over from the harvesting methods employed in the Middle East...

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