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Thread: Jesus Christ Superstar

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    Jesus Christ Superstar

    I thought I was going to watch it last night, but got for those who watched it, how was it?

    It's probably on demand (or will be), so I might catch it there.

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    I recorded it but havent watched it yet. Daughter said it was excellent.

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    Did not watch it but came across this...

    What are We to Think About Jesus Christ Superstar?
    By David Kyle Foster Published on April 4, 2018

    This past Easter Sunday, one major TV network broadcast a live presentation of Andrew Lloyd Webber's play, Jesus Christ Superstar, to the chagrin of many believers. It's easy to understand the chagrin. To name just a few of the inaccuracies and blasphemies found in the play:

    As Jesus lays hands on about a dozen sick people, none of them are healed. He seems to lack the power to heal that Scripture attributes to Him. Thus, He is portrayed as a foolish, pretender Messiah.

    In one scene, Mary Magdalene (whom the play assumes to be a prostitute) comforts Jesus by messaging His shoulders and chest. That never would have happened without causing an immediate riot by His disciples or without Jesus Himself stopping her.

    Judas and Pilate are depicted as well-intended, sympathetic characters who appear to have no choice but to betray Jesus and send Him to His death. In other words, their actions of murder and betrayal were not their fault.

    Jesus Himself accuses God the Father of being at fault in forcing Him to die against His will.

    The list could go on and on.

    The Question of Recounting Blasphemies...

    Can God Use a Production Like Jesus Christ Superstar?....

    What Are We to Make of It?.....

    This I say therefore, and testify in the Lord, that ye henceforth walk not as other Gentiles walk, in the vanity (futility) of their mind, having the understanding darkened...
    (Ephesians 4:17-18)

    Blessed is the man that walketh not in the counsel of the ungodly...
    (Psalm 1)

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    So what are we to do with Jesus Christ Superstar? Note the inaccuracies, of course, but also understand and believe in the power of the Holy Spirit to use it to open the eyes of the blind and to quicken them to what is true. Pray to that end. He died to save all who would come to Him, whether through a Hollywood movie or some other means, but all by the Holy Spirit, who is able to lead them into all righteousness.
    This is how I feel with just about anything that comes out of Hollywood that has anything to do with Christ or Christianity. If God could use a Mel Gibson, he can use anybody.

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    Jesus Christ Superstar is blasphemous ....God can still use it to touch a person's heart because he has the power but it is still blasphemy
    Demons were involved in producing that play

    God has reached people while they were overdosing or totally drunk - does God condone drunkenness and drug addiction

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