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Thread: End of life.....for dogs....question

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    End of life.....for dogs....question

    I have researched and discovered that most dogs, start to distance themselves from their families and stop eating, etc., when they know it's time to them to pass. they sleep alot more, eat less, drink less.

    Has any one else experienced this with their animals?

    I ask, because I think it could be time for my dog to go be with her sister.

    Thank you in advance.

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    Seems logical....people and other animals tend to do the same thing..wonder off's as if something triggers in the brain and one just no longer desires food...and feels very tired...maybe even for animals, be in pain we don't know about...
    My little 15 year old Chihuahua Beagle used to sleep with us every night and gradually stayed less and less..she now does not sleep with us at all unless there is a storm and then if you touch her she will leave..over the past 6 months I have noticed her food intake has decreased and her activity level is steady declining...

    ....I observe her each day....

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    I know it's hard being a pet owner, and watching our loving pets slow down and change.

    I am sorry you have to go through that Quest. Hard to watch I know.

    My dog, Cody (13) is slowing down too. she is changing and I just want her happy and not in any pain. That is my focus right now. If that changes, then I will make a decision. Right now.....she is happy, moves slows....eats a bit.....and I am okay.

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