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Thread: Demonology

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ezekiel 33 View Post
    He was a little over the top and made too much of a show out of things for my taste.
    Quote Originally Posted by A.J. View Post
    Yes to the show but also mega results.
    That always bugged me too somewhat but I looked past that to see what he had to say and read at least one book by him. Good info and insight in there. And the encounters very interesting. But I would definitely rather read his books than watch him.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fuego View Post
    She died in November 2015.
    Is the school still going?

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    Thought this was a good place for a testimony from this past weekend.

    Been praying a lot for my stepson. He had walked away from his pregnant wife after only a couple months of marriage and was living with a girl friend. Made his mom and I just sick over the whole ordeal. The girlfriend was a crack ho and the whole household was a very dark place.

    He had decided last week to reconcile with his wife. Going against his mother's very strong warnings, he went by himself to get his clothes and stuff. He stayed and we continued praying. One night he had woke up and found her watching a video to cast a spell/curse on him, and she was trying to do this over him while he was asleep.

    The Mrs. and I already knew that there were a house full of devils over there. Thursday or Friday he went back to his wife, and asked me if I would go with him to get his stuff. He had told me that the first time when he went back, as soon as he was in her presence, he felt something come over him and he was drawn to her and could not seem to break away. When he left she was at work or someplace.

    Saturday he came and helped move our foster son and his family to our home for a bit. He had asked our foster son if he would come and drive his car while he grabbed his other car that had been left behind. On our last load from my foster son's the three of us went to get my stepson's stuff. My foster son was riding with me and I was praying in and out of the Spirit all the way over there.

    As we were gathering up his outside stuff and he was looking for the battery out of the car, his friend came out and we were talking and everything seemed o.k. with him.
    Then the ex-girlfriend comes outside and starts spewing all kinds of stuff at him. I turned to her and said "devil shut up in Jesus' name!"


    The "friend" went into a very violent tirade, the ex went into a violent tirade, and they were just spewing all kinds of hatred out. They weren't going to let me come in the house to stand beside him while he got his stuff, but I stayed right with him. My foster son stood at the door with one of the younger guys that lives in the house, whom he had gone to school with. They stayed out of it and both hauled arm-fulls to the car as I handed stuff to them. He told the younger guy "If they touch my dad or my brother I am going to jump in". The younger guy said "I don't blame you, I will probably help you."
    The violent rants grew worse. I just kept by my son and continued rebuking the devils.

    We got his other car started and left. After we dropped his car and belongings off at his house, my foster son and I drove home.
    He said "That was really weird! It was like a shield around you and they couldn't get close to you, like they were afraid" I told him, "Now you know why I was praying all the way over there. You probably never heard me pray in tongues before. " And I used this as a good teaching moment for him.

    As he told me what he had witnessed, something really struck me. When the "friend" was going extremely violent he shouted at me "You're such a big man, you have to hide behind your God!" Now I know what he was saying. It was one of the devils inside of him who wanted so badly to harm us. I am sure that without Jesus it would have been a beat down like the 7 sons of Sceva! Glory to God forevermore!!!

    Both sons were in church yesterday with their families! My stepson gave a testimony about being reconciled to his wife, and my foster son was telling me last night that it seemed like the preacher was preaching right to him! God is awesome!

    Sadly, there is still a house full of demonized folks over in that trailer park. But until they want freedom and salvation there is nothing more to do for them except pray.

    This concludes my demonology testimony for this week!

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