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Thread: Tongues recognized as a known language

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    Very specific. I had been asking God about all of the frenzy of people going to listen to a man. Why were people being healed and delivered? Let me just say that I was satisfied with the answer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by krystian View Post
    Love these kinds of testimonies! You were missed Ari, welcome back!

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    Another time my pastor in that same church was just praying and speaking in tongues at the end of a service, and one of the members came up and told him that he was saying 'I love you' over and over in Greek. Of course my pastor didn't know Greek.
    I have many different tongues which I use in worship prayer or for interpretation. Over the years I have noticed many individual words amongst the tongues that I can recognise from other sources. These words were in my tongues a long time before I knew their meaning.
    Obvious ones are, Elohim, and Espiritu santo.

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