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Thread: The Lost!

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    The Lost!

    Several days ago I woke up thinking of a childhood prank I did that was stupid. From that one thought I streamed into another thought about the people in the incident where that happened. Were they lost or saved as I now was ? Then this heavy weight or burden came on my spirit for the lost. When this happens it makes me feel that if I myself am lost. So I began to get dressed and ready for work with the burden on my spirit for the lost or maybe one specific person ? As I went to work this feeling left after a while as I was getting fully immersed into my work day. But as soon as I got into my car to go home after work that burden for the lost came back on me again. I prayed in tongues for quite a bit when I got home and soon most of that awful feeling of being the one lost left me. It was a clear reminder to me that people are really eternally lost and it's a serious situation to not care or do anything about it.

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    Sounds like intercession and travail ...maybe related to the covid virus and its affects on society.
    God can use it to speak into hearts about salvation and eternal matters

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