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Thread: Perry Stone coming under fire for texting while speaking in tongues

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    Quote Originally Posted by A.J. View Post
    So as I was getting ready to go out today, I was listening to worship music and praying in tongues. I put on my makeup, did my hair, chose clothes & jewelry, socks and boots, scarf and coat, all the while praying on and off in tongues... you're telling me that speaking in tongues while doing that is not appropriate? That I should get ready and then pray? What about the scripture that tells us to pray without ceasing?

    Certainly, while in deep intercession while we are praying with groanings those are the times to silence (bring every thought captive to the obedience of Christ) but I dare say that all of us have prayed in tongues while doing other mundane things, yes, even to check and see if the text I just got is important.
    Quote Originally Posted by Bookman View Post
    Well, I'll just say that I can't keep my spirit focused when my mind is sending distracting suggestions...
    Praise and worship is 'presence'.
    Praying in tongues is 'edification'.

    And we have to distinguish between these two things to show more accurately where someone like myself and AJ are coming from. And Bookie, you have a valid point about the mind being distracted, but it's not as critical in tongues as it is in praise/worship. But I'll go into that below in more detail.

    Praise and worship requires the human spirit AND mind. Directing the mind is something that is necessary in praise and worship in order to get into the presence of the Jesus and the Father (I'll get into being in the presence of the Holy Spirit in a moment). As a matter of fact, I think praise precedes worship (I will enter his gates with thanksgiving and his courts with praise Psalm 100), and is a 'tool' to enter into worship more deeply because it is what aids in focusing the mind and getting our mind undistracted where we can move more deeply into the presence of the Lord (I know everybody isn't like this, but I don't like going into a worship service and the worship team just going right into slow worship. Every person there has been out in the world all week, in their jobs, in their family, doing life, and not really prepared to enter into deep worship, so praise helps "break the hell" off them and gets them focused to move more deeply into the presence of the Lord with worship. That's just my personal opinion).

    So I believe having the mind focused and undistracted is critical in worship because with a distracted mind it's really going to be hard to get into the real literal presence of the Lord.

    Now where fellowship with the Holy Spirit is concerned, we do not have to do anything to get into His presence because the Father sent Him to be in our presence. To get into the presence of the Holy Spirit, you literally have to do nothing because He's literally in you. He's in you and me 24/7. The Father and Jesus are in heaven but dwell in us through the Holy Spirit. But real worship is having the Holy Spirit take you into the literal presence of Jesus and the Father. That is a whole 'nother dynamic than the Holy Spirit already being in us. We have such a hard time getting into the presence of God that the Father sent the Holy Spirit to literally, geographically, to be in our presence by putting Him inside of us. It literally is a mind boggling truth that we've just become accustomed to and ceased to be awed by for the most part (let's see how many more times I can use the word literally ).

    So when I pray in tongues, I can be distracted because fist of all, the Holy Spirit is in me to activate whether I'm focused or not, and more importantly, and one of the ingenious things about tongues is that it bypasses the mind totally. The mind is not involved at all when praying in tongues. Praying in tongues is so important that God made it where we can do it without our mind being involved so that we can do it any time, any place, and under any circumstances. Whether you are focused or not, the same process that tongues is intended to execute always takes place! And that process is to impart revelation and spiritual understanding into our spirits as we speak in tongues to be later revealed to our minds. The other part of that process is to offer up the perfect prayers for our lives that are in line with His mind and will for us (He makes intercession for us... Romans 8:26,27).

    Bookie correctly stated that the Holy Spirit will help quieten our mind if we are focused. Now, is there a benefit also to being focused and have the mind quieted also when praying in tongues? Absolutely. That is why we need times of quiet and focus when praying in tongues also, but it's not necessary and shouldn't keep us from yielding to tongues every moment we can. But when quiet and focused, it allows us to hear more clearly if the Holy Spirit speaks or reveals anything to us while we are praying in tongues. So have the times where you allow the Holy Spirit to quieten you mind, but don't think you're limited to that kind of praying when praying with tongues.

    One more point here I want to make and I'll do it by quoting something I said above:

    And that process is to impart revelation and spiritual understanding into our spirits as we speak in tongues to be later revealed to our minds.
    "He that prays in an unknown tongue edifies himself". 1 Cor. 14:4. 'Edification' is the term for that process I quoted above. Edification is not some feeling, or elation, or some state of joyful mind, or being 'charged up like a battery' like some people have taught. They didn't even have batteries back then and Paul by the Holy Spirit wouldn't have used an analogy like that. Edification, edifice, etc, are actually construction terms. Edification does mean 'to build up', but being built up like a building, not being built up like charging a battery. An 'edifice' is "a building, especially a large, imposing one." 'Edify" means "instruct or improve (someone) morally or intellectually.
    : UPLIFT also : ENLIGHTEN, INFORM; BUILD, ESTABLISH. So using these definitions, when we pray in tongues the Bible means we are "building a large imposing structure of moral and intellectual (it renews our mind) knowledge that enlightens and establishes us in the things of God."

    And my point was that process takes place no matter what the situation is when we pray in tongues. Whether quiet or distracted. That's why it's important that we yield as much as possible even if we can't be in the position of being quiet and focused. Again though, being quiet and focused while doing it does allow us to be in more of a position of hearing from the Holy Spirit while we are actually praying in tongues. But the edification process takes place regardless, first in our spirit, and then at a later time revealed to the conscious mind, whether while meditating in the Word, in worship, etc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by curly sue View Post
    A.J. says:

    It's not either or, it's both.
    I do both.

    It is obvious Perry is with a group as you can hear others praying. Also the mic is a give away. My point is the video is posted on a mockery site, so I wouldn't give it any space. I suspect from his responses after looking at the phone he is seeing prayer requests.

    And being a mockery site, they probably don't even believe in tongues much less know anything about it.

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