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Thread: I was wrong part 2

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    My devotion reading was in Isaiah 58 today, (Smith Wigglesworth) in that reading a word hit me. "rereward". The "Thought for today" that is written in that lesson reading for today was. " It will never do to give way to human opinions. If God says a thing, you have to believe it". What I have in red there is what is the anchors there.

    In all these so called folks who got this Word from God about Trump gonna win the election. I never was led to a single one. This guy, I've only heard here, as many others. Perry Stone is the only one who I have ever followed in this kind of thing. Anything in this field I usually look for the good in it. Like if I'd had heard anything like this before the election. I'd had just took it as "a hope" not a chiseled in stone thing. I'd say well you got that wrong gonna be hell to pay for that one. Then probably not listen to them again. Test everything! In Lakeland I seen this same kind of thing. And it hurt me!

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