PRINCE HARRY has showed an "extraordinary lack of judgement" in his ill-fated conversation with the Russian pranksters and revealed a "troubling" insight into Megsit, a royal expert said.

Prince Harry was left humiliated by the prank played at his expenses by two Russian comedians, Vladimir Kuznetsov and Alexey Stolyarov. But his conversation with the pranksters, one royal expert said, also cast a light on a "fascinating but also troubling" insight into the Duke of Sussex.

Richard Kay, former royal commentator, wrote in the Daily Mail: "To be fair, it must be said that the sixth in line to the throne never dreamed that the contents of the conversation would be made public.

"However, the extraordinary lack of judgement he displayed in unburdening himself - not once but twice - to complete strangers offers a remarkable insight into the prince's mind.

In the recordings, the caution that would usually inform conversations by a member of the Royal family was sadly absent.

"What comes across is not just his 'us against the world' attitude, but a sense of entitlement and that he knows best.

"Dismissive of Prince Andrew and patronising of the other royals, he has presented a window into his psyche that is not just fascinating but also troubling.

"How often in recent weeks have we witnessed Harry selfishly trampling over his old life irrespective of the hurt and damage he has brought to his own family?"

During his two conversations with the pranksters, Prince Harry opened up on a series of very sensitive topics, including US politics, climate change and the general election...

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