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Thread: US Leaving Iraq

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    Kudos to Tucker for the following:

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    Tucker has a blind eye. The swamp motivation for war is money.

    Anyway, the libs are are all having a moment of joy here hoping that Trump is starting WW3. That's not happening, they are going to be disappointed again,

    Of course the dems are in up to their eyeballs with treason as it relates to Iran.

    Iran's State TV Calls Obama Their 'Agent'

    "He did much for us while he was president. We pulled his strings, he responded. Nuclear material, cash, treaties to lift a son of this property......he was very helpful and he was very eager to be of help.

    Now he sees the new President Trump trying to undo his work in. As a result, he's keeping him self in the game, organizing within what is being called the "deep state." He still has much influence and power and so we are still able to use him. It's quite wonderful. He was a wonderful agent and we were being very sad to think we would lose him when he left the White House."
    Iran’s State TV Calls Obama Their ‘Agent’ – Taters Gonna Tate

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