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Thread: BIGFOOT IN NORTH CAROLINA? Electrician says footprints can't be human

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    BIGFOOT IN NORTH CAROLINA? Electrician says footprints can't be human

    CLEVELAND COUNTY, N.C. — A man claims footprints in a Cleveland County wooded area are not human nor animal but possibly evidence of Bigfoot.

    Joe Scarborough is an electrician. Last week, he was working on a home near Casar, North Carolina when he spotted the tracks.

    "I got real close there and said, 'Somebody's got a Bigfoot,'" he said.

    The tracks were caught on camera and said to be larger than any human could leave behind.

    "It was 13,14 inches, and so I went back to the truck and got the tape measure, and went back down there and it was fresh," he said, adding you could tell from the small plants pressed down in the mud.

    Scarborough planned to come back to the area to investigate.

    "I'm going to spend the night, and I'm going to take some game cameras and see what happens. I mean, why not?" he said.

    NBC Charlotte has reported several times on Bigfoot sightings in the western part of the state...

    'Somebody's got a Bigfoot' | Man claims tracks in woods were not made by human or animal |

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    I want to hear from a bear hunter's look at it. Could be a black bear double track. Pad pattern would help the ID. on.

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