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    I think leaving contact information is a bit different than just surfing around on the internet, even if it is just an email address. That is like having a subscription to Playboy magazine or similar. Leaving an old email address would be similar to having the magazine sent to an anonymous mailbox.
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    I have visited sties like real estate searches, ect and they required an e-mail..I wouls START to do that and then decide, 'Nope, not worth the hassel' and backed out...those rascals followed me home!

    I think it depends on whether they felt he had adequately grieved and come to grips with the inner issues that caused his temptation to get that far...
    But they should appreciate that his conscience was still in tact and he left the site..

    The internet is a dangerous place...everyone should have INSTANT zero tolerance for even the slightest hint of impropriety that pops up..

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