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Thread: and we r all surprised?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Femme* View Post
    the point is, if we're only there for the *goodies* and not our savior, it's selfserving gimmee.

    ALL of the *goodies* are a by product of our relationship with the One True and Living God. If we don't have the relationship, it's a sham salvation.

    Not saying the goodies aren't nice, saying if they're the center, it's a false relationship.
    May be false, or it may just be immature...God is wise and knows how to discipline His children..

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    Watching The Donald court evangelical Christians is kind of embarrassing. He should at least pick a favorite Bible verse.

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    Too many Christians are wishy-washy. Many were supporting Ben Carson until Trump became popular and then the majority of these Christians forgot about Crason and started riding on the Trump wagon. GRanted that some of the things he says makes sense but so does Carson. It's just that people want to follow the loudest TRUMPet.

    And yes, Paula White did have Trump and another person on her show some years ago. She has never hidden the fact that she is friends with Trump. Though I have never been a follower of Paula White I did (by accident I think) catch glimpses of that particular show. Can't remember the content since I did not watch long.

    Finally, I believe everyone knows that a mature relationship with any person is not based on what you can get from them but based on mutual love and respect. My wife and I have been married for over 30 years based on unselfish love. However, my wife knows that she can also get any goodies from me that I can afford and I also know that if there are things I need from her she will do what she can to get them for me.

    A mature relationship with Christ does not exclude what we can get from Him, as long as He knows that we have made ourselves available to Him when He needs us. I know that there are hyper-prosperity preachers who are focused on nothing but what material bennies we can get from God but the ones I have often heard have talked more about the purpose for prosperity and have lived it out, including some of the people often hated by the prosperity critics. Some of these guys have given a lot of money away to missions and the preaching of the gospel. Some of them have given money to organizations that preach the gospel that may not necessarily agree with them doctrinally. Many of them will tell you that all of their money belongs to God and will give stuff away even when it is painful to do so (and then God often blesses them with something bigger and better).

    Hard to upport missionary efforts when you are struggling financially. It is better when you love God, have plenty, and you are a channel of distribution for Him.

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