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Thread: Loren Sandford Passes

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    Wow! Oh man that's a heavy hit.

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    Never heard of him, but he's rejoicing with our Jesus now!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Romans828 View Post
    Never heard of him, but he's rejoicing with our Jesus now!
    I had only just recently heard of him because he was a friend of Jeremiah Johnson's and he had an apology video about the election.

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    Oh my gosh!!!

    His parents were John and Paula Sandford, early pioneers of inner healing ministry. Transformation of the Inner Man.

    I heard Loren speak in person a few years ago and I think I have one of his books here somewhere.

    I followed him on FB for a long time but the way those algorithms work, he gradually disappeared from my newsfeed.

    Our loss is heavens gain.

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    Oh this hurts! I have been listening to him for a few years.

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