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Thread: I love you

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    I love you

    Here is a new worship song the Lord gave me yesterday.

    It was funny, while I was writing I got to the line "Lover of my soul," and then the words "my heart extols You" came to me. I have a pretty decent grasp of the english language but didn't know what "extol" meant.

    I walked over to my computer and looked it up.

    The moment I read the definition "To praise highly: to glorify" I started praising the Lord and laughing.

    I knew He was helping for sure! I didn't even know the word extol! God is so awesome!

    Anyway, here it is. It is a laptop recording so not the very best audio quality but I hope it blesses you.

    Oh, and I would say much of this comes from being inspired from watching Norvel Hayes's message on worship!

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    Thanks for sharing!

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