Sharyl Attkisson to Make Film Debut in Doc About Free Speech
6:05 AM PDT 4/25/2018
by Paul Bond

....Sharyl Attkisson, who famously left CBS News and wrote a best-selling book alleging liberal bias in journalism, will make her film debut in No Safe Spaces, a humorous documentary about political correctness at universities.

Also joining the movie are liberal activist Cornel West and Van Jones, the CNN contributor who was President Obama's special adviser for green jobs.....

...Jones, West and Attkisson join liberal attorney Alan Dershowitz and actor-comedian Tim Allen, who previously agreed to appear in No Safe Spaces....

...The film, angling for a fall theatrical release, will feature lots of footage of college students shouting down conservative speakers like Ann Coulter and Ben Shapiro, and it will also allege bias in social media, delving into a lawsuit filed by Prager University against YouTube. Prager says the Google-owned platform is “restricting” about 40 of his five-minute videos because they make conservative arguments.

Attkisson, who now hosts a news show that airs on TV stations operated by Sinclair Broadcast Group, spent more than two decades with CBS News and won multiple Emmy Awards, but quit in 2014 after alleging that the network refused to air several of her stories that were critical of Obama, his green-energy agenda, Obamacare and his handling of an attack on Americans in Benghazi, Libya.