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Genesis 4:2

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[B][COLOR=#ff0000]†.[/COLOR] Gen 4:2a . . She then bore his brother Abel.[/B]

Abel's name is from [I]hebel[/I] (heh'bel) and means: emptiness or futility. Figuratively: something transitory and unsatisfactory. Poor Eve; she's only had two kids and already motherhood has lost its appeal. Cain was her very first pregnancy. It was a new, exciting adventure. Well, Abel's birth was no big deal. He was redundant; just another bun in the oven. The first one is the best. After that, they're all Same-O, Same-O.

Cain and Abel are very interesting and share a lot in common. In fact, they share so much in common that their individual personalities must be an enigma to behavioral scientists. Neither boy came from a large gene pool because there were no grandparents. Their genealogy stopped abruptly right in their own home with mom and dad and went no farther back than the earth's dust.

They both had the same parents, lived in the same home in the same neighborhood, grew up with the same customs, ate the same food, associated with the same people, breathed the same air, survived in the same environment, went to the same church, and worshipped the same god. Yet those boys were noticeably very different from each other. Abel was an inspired man (Luke 11:50-51) but Cain, though religious; was not. And he was violent too. (1John 3:11-12)

[B][COLOR=#ff0000]†.[/COLOR] Gen 4:2b . . Abel became a keeper of sheep, and Cain became a tiller of the soil.[/B]

The Hebrew word translated "sheep" is either [I]tso'n[/I] (tsone) or [I]tse'own[/I] (tseh one') which mean: a flock; which Webster's defines as a group of birds or mammals assembled or herded together. So you can see there that "sheep" is an arbitrary choice of words. Abel could just as easily have been a cowboy wrangling bovine and/or tending goats rather than sheep; but I won't argue the point. Sheep will do.

Both men worked at honorable professions and their skills were essential to the Adams' survival. Man at this time was a vegetarian so Cain farmed and raised the family's food; while Abel kept them clothed and shod by tending flocks for leather; and possibly fleece too.

[B][SIZE=1]NOTE[/SIZE]:[/B] The Hebrew language didn't exist in Adam's day; nor would it exist till some time after the Flood and the tower of Babel. Ancient names given in Hebrew aren't the native-tongue names of people prior to Babel; but rather[B]:[/B] Hebrew equivalents of those names.

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