A Daily Genesis

A Daily Genesis

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Hello; and welcome to the very first book of the Bible.

I'm posting a systematic, daily-bread style commentary on the book of Genesis, practically verse by verse from the creation of the cosmos to Joseph's burial in Egypt.

Barring emergencies, accidents, vacations, unforeseen circumstances, and/or insurmountable distractions, difficulties, visiting relatives, computer crashes, black outs, brown outs, Wall Street Armageddon, the dog ate my homework, Executive Orders, brute force, ISIS, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, gasoline prices, medical issues, and dumb luck et al; I'm making an effort to post something fresh and new to read every day including Sundays and holidays.

All the really cool stuff is in Genesis: the origin of the cosmos, the origin of human life, Adam and Eve, the origin of marriage, the Devil, the first lie, the first transgression, the origin of human death, the origin of clothing, the first baby, Cain and Abel, the first murder, the Flood, the tower of Babel, and the origin of Yhvh's people.

Big-name celebrities like Noah, Abraham, Sarah, Isaac and Ishmael, Rebecca, Jacob and Esau, and Joseph are here too. (Sorry, but Moses vs. Pharaoh and the parting of the Red Sea are in Exodus; Samson and Delilah are in Judges, and David and Goliath are in 1Samuel)

Buen Camino

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