I am going to get the vaccine

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I know about all of the conflicting advice about the new Covid-19 vaccine. It will change my DNA. It will cause sterility in women. It may lead to facial paralysis.
Yes, I've seen a lot of them.
But I am fairly sure God told me that I need to travel around the world teaching and encouraging people to love God, Israel and the Bible. And I have been prevented from doing that for nearly a year. The Israeli health service sent me a text message yesterday inviting me to get the vaccine. It will take two doses and then they will give me a, "Green Passport" that will allow me to travel all over the world without quarantine.
My wife and I prayed and we feel strongly that this is God's answer for us.
So... I will get the vaccine.
And if I die, I die. But perhaps I was created for such a time as this.
I'm going to hold out as long as I can.

A guy in my church said there's 4 or 5 companies. He told me to take the lowest one.
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  1. tschau's Avatar
    He told me to take the lowest one.
    you mean by price the lowest?
    I am doing that too, because from some companies they are benefitting to much from the need of people.
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