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Grace to the Rescue! (the Mission God put on my heart and mind years ago)

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Hi there. I've had a vision for years to reach the lost and hurting. God has used me in Evangelism many times and ...Well it's been a quest for years for me to be equipped to fulfill God's calling and mission upon my life. I have created a web page I have been attending Kingdom builders Academy and studying for many years now. this year is 30 years since I became Born Again and gave my heart life and soul to Jesus. back then I said "I give you my heart, soul, mind and body but please don't send me to Africa" Just this year I agreed to go to Africa if he wanted to send me there. My relationship with God is marked with super big time honesty toward him. I feel and know we are friends (Jesus and I!) I have the utmost confidence in his ability to equip me provide for me and send me OUT wherever he wants me to go this year. My blessings to you all! I would like to add my training from the Lord is specifically overcoming obstacles that often keep people from going to church. co dependency, drug addiction and coming out of very dysfunctional families and back grounds. this type of ministry is unique, and i am with and agree with Doc Lynch, the program does not save people and ultimately the higher power needs to be Jesus Christ. I have seen so many fail to heal and be restored because they don't give it all to Jesus all the way! So I'm a preacher of GIVE IT ALL (UP TO HIM) and GRACE To the Rescue, Grace to Grow, Grace to Soar Grace to restore (coming soon) ........I do all I can to get the message out God has put in my heart. I will be doing videos soon with my husband. (Got a new camera!)

Laura Grace
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    Today and through the 19th of Jan this book is available Free as a promotion offer (Grace to grow the study guide) You don't need the book grace to Grow to go with it, as it contains much of the same revelation.
    My vision is those who don't read a lot or might feel bogged down by a lot of scripture..this book is simple and to the point. Not everyone will be a theologist but we all need the word of God amen My hope is
    some in bible study for say (overcoming dyfunction) would really love this book and want to utilize it for help with growing in grace.
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