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Inspire the choir with Armour hot dogs......and beyond. The Grand Finale!

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Essentials for salvation ?-denton-concert-2016-jpg Well, the music teaching job has come to an end. Here's what happened: A couple of weeks ago, the school did hire a certified Music teacher, so I was given notice the job was ending Dec 21. We had our Christmas concert! The Kids K to 3 did a "bucket band" and did an awesome Job! Choir sang "Silver Bells" along with some others......the middle school age did a terrific Job, choir did SING! WE have a school that's so into sports (you can't believe it) and the music dept is just not high on the list of priorities. I want you to know I continued to say "Practice Makes Perfect" and prayed over each one of these kids.

They told me things (some) personal things struggles, difficulties they've had. One in particular, "Harlan" He really needs prayer. In His young life he has witnessed a murder and has been bounced from house to house. He was taken from his mother ......he told me one day He "hates America' ......(This was back during the Veteran's day concert) but only because he feels his life has been full of no hope. I shared a bit of my background with him, how my son, Thomas, was raised in housing units, stood in Food bank lines with me, and had a little drum it took a year for me to pay for. A rental drum. I said that one drum started his whole life of now being a Worship leader (at an Assembly of God church) for seven years and how he has a great job, a family, owns a house......and has come SUCH a long way from his early (sad) beginnings. I said I believe in you Harlan I really do, I have high hopes for you! And, I do pray for him! someone from the town donated some clothes to him, he had really raggedy clothing. This same person also gave him a guitar. God is moving! I go by the motto Jesus would do it all "just for one" .........

I'm wondering what God will do next in my life! The second concert was great, I got a lot of compliments on it "great program" "we loved it" "that was awesome!" ......praise the Lord! This photo is me with the bucket band. The buckets were coal buckets, had to be washed, we glued Cardboard circles to the top to muffle the sound a bit. They did GREAT! Truly......Essentials for salvation ?-denton-7-grinch-jpg The other photo is of middle school singing "You're a mean one, Mr. Grinch" the theme was don't let the Grinch steal your Christmas. The child playing the grinch didn't want to sing, but he got very excited about being the grinch. LOL His name is Dylan.


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