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NOW I'm on my 9th week of Choir (and music at the school) I testify!

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HI! Well I've been at the school 9 weeks now, teaching music. so far we've studied Folk music negro Spiritual, Country Jazz and Church music as well as Pop. We will be moving on to Classical and even a "rap day" but not the bad kind of rap. I found a cute one by will Smith "Parents Never understand" with Tim's help. I thought it was good .....finding the balance between keeping some semblance of class discipline and still relate to them, and hopefully make it a great learning experience is quite the challenge. As you know I wrote books about growing! so .....I pray and think about the seed and how to water it.....and it doesn't have to be the bible and how to soften their hearts a bit.....letting them know I was a teen once two (or a pre teen) but still maintain order. It's been quite the challenge! I tend to put my whole heart and sou into what I do....I see almost everything I do as having eternal value....
So it's not your regular job.....and I've learned all their names now, learned the names of the other teachers learned how things work. I read once starting a new job is extremely stressful. I have done it (get this) 55 times! Well some were temporary jobs. Most of the time I gave plenty of notice before I moved on. Sometimes I had 2 or 3 jobs at one time (fill in, part time and such) so ....I am including babysitting as a teen all the way to now.........
God said if we use the talents he gives us he will give us more (talents) I have a new talent! teaching! Hurray! Laura Grace[/QUOTE]

This job came to be because they had no certified teacher. I was asked and stepped in. I have had to trust God every minute to let me know just how to do this job. I've been scared at times but believe I am having success.
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