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Prayer for me, a pastor in the making? and advice? Please! thank you so much!

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Hello everyone. I know you don't know me very well, truly I don't have much time to be on the computer lately, and I really do need your prayers and possibly even, your input! (If you would be so kind) My name is Laura Grace, I've been born again since late 1986, filled with the Spirit, and I have known since I got Saved God "has things to say" through me, that he wants to use me mightily and I've spent years having this preparation attitude you know? "Father thank you that you are preparing me" and "make me what you want me to be." Well I know many of you have prayed that way too. Here's what is a bit unique, is that I have been operating as a minister for many years now, outside of the church walls, (mostly) Although in this past 2 or 3 years God has led me back into church. He's caused me to know how o be okay without it, He has proven himself to be MY shepherd, therefore I know and understand He is the Shepherd, and whatever I do for him I am the under shepherd. I just know he's been preparing me for years now, to do things the way he wants me to do them. Say what he wants me to say, be who he wants me to be.

I have been doing this job teaching at a school, although I am not a teacher at all, in the sense of training for this (other than what I have learned from God personally) You know, way back in 1980 I taught for awhile at a Pentecostal school, giving piano lessons. They cancelled it when they learned I did not talk in tongues! Later I got the baptism of the Holy Spirit but I find it all quite amusing now, although at the time, it hurt me a lot, their rejection of me for not speaking in tongues. So I have said all this, I can look at my life almost through God's eyes right now, and see that he's prepared me to have a church. He really has. I have resisted and feared the idea of going to school for it, for many years now. Mostly because I'm afraid it will "wreck" what the Holy Ghost has taught me! There I said it. Another thing is, I need to know what school to go to. And I need to know if this is truly God. I do have this overwhelming desire to do this all of a sudden, in spite of the fact the world seems to so swiftly becoming anti christian. Even though female pastors are not accepted in many places........I have this shepherd's heart and God is the one who told me that, long ago. I think maybe it's time to have the schooling and "piece of paper" but I'm not even sure what course to take...........

I would like to know if any of you know a course of study that would give me more options than say, one single denomination. I have found good in many denominations, I am not sure I want to be limited to one, nor have I given my loyalty to one in particular. I have found the congregation of people is far more important than what "Type of church " It is, one way or the other. Currently I am attending a Methodist church and serving there. I have found that Assemblies of God, some of the others I've attended and tried to help, well they seem to be far more resistant and almost MORE legalistic for all the freedom they claim to enjoy. what say you? I would love and appreciate your prayers and input. Laura Grace
PS I do want to assure you, I have the utmost confidence God is going to guide me on this matter. And one more thing, the Lord spoke to me in 2008 and said he was going to make me a property manager and a minister. I have been functioning as both for the past few years, until recently, I stopped working for Property Management. Since that Time I've been asked to speak in church when the pastor left, I got very good feed back on my message "Spiritual Pioneers" I have spoken at Cowboy Church was told "that was God!" and I have written books.

I thrive on ministering more than any other task, even if it takes me places I don't always want to go. It's like, I come alive when someone needs my help and God just flows out of me. SO what do you think ? Will you pray for me? Any advice?
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