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The Michal Syndrome

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It is a primary goal of the Enemy to stifle all worship, and try and steer it to himself.

Whenever people discover the great heights and depths of worship, sure enough, the spirit of Michal enters in and people criticize it. It seems many want to keep worship expression to the narrow confines of what they think worship should be.

When I heard criticisms like the worship songs are "too long" (e.g., 15 minutes), repetitious, droning (whatever that means), that gives you an idea of what little they have thought of full-bore worship is: connecting to God at every way and level we can think of.

Considering that King David worshipped with extravagance and abandon, not worrying of what people thought, foregoing man's dignity to express worship mightily to God - this is a picture of what the heart of true worship is - a relentless pursuit of God's presence in his holy sanctuary.

- Too long? How dare someone question someone's time of intimacy with God, apparently the stopwatch rules some folks
- Too Repititious? There actually is a fair amount of repetition in the scriptures (e.g., Psalm 107). It keeps God in our thoughts, and emphasizes his greatness. Nothing the matter with repetition (we are not talking of vain repetition here, a totally different animal)
- Too Uninhibited? If David can make a fool of himself in worship, focusing on God, why can't we?

We read of people who somehow managed to devote a great amount of time to personal worship (e.g., Madam Guyon, AW Tozer). So what if some are not our particular denom. As far as I can see, they sought God's deep presence in undistracted and focused devotion, something that is hard to do even today. We can learn from examples of people who were able to spend so much time in prayer and worship.

Of course, many worry about even attempting to go there, afraid they might be labelled a "mystic." Well, hey, we all could be a more "mystical" as it is fundamental to faith (the spirit is beyond the senses). I say bravo to those who spend hours in worship and know their God in a way that only comes from immersion, not fearing where God will take us (for He can be trusted).
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