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Thread: The Cyclist Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lista View Post
    I did a cycling class about 6 months ago. I thought it was gonna kill me.

    (not to mention, my rear end was NOT happy)
    You mean, an indoor spinning class? That’s tyranny.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FireBrand View Post
    You mean, an indoor spinning class? That’s tyranny.
    Yep, and the woman leading it was evil.

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    Winter riding has begun!

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    Storm rolling in, go for a zippy 2.5 to get the blood flowing and breathing up. Mountain Bikes and winter riding, great workout.

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    A little further, a little colder, but I love the view.

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    What that previous pic doesnt show is the steep climb behind me. Today, I finished it. 200ft of climb and 6 miles. If you can expand tbe pic you can see a white line coming in at the left waaay down the road...that’s near my house. Did I ever say I love this view??

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    In the bikeshop and wrenching for the upcoming season. Here is my ‘88 Cannondale Criterium Series racer sporting a new crank/chainset. Villainous elegance.

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    We just made the return back home after a 2 year apostolic mission to the (even further) north. Coming back to home base I can resume the passion for cycling and now cutting weight to shed the 25lbs of fat on my body. It doesnt make sense to spend money for the lightweight parts to trim weight from the bike and ignore that chunk on the seat. Since the weekend we moved (Sept 30) I have lost 7# in 10 days. The loss rate will slow to about 2 pounds per week. Target? 165 would be the number.

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    Took the Colnago (Muriel's brother's former racing bike) out for a 500yd sprint and snagged a 2nd place finish among 154 riders, most of which are quite younger than I. Topped out at 30.9mph. Nice pavement, very little traffic and a very fast course. Did it on a whim.

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