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Thread: Like a Cancer, Jimmy Carter Espouses Anti-Israel Venom

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    Like a Cancer, Jimmy Carter Espouses Anti-Israel Venom

    It's always interesting when Jimmy Carter raises his head from the depths of his presidency in exile, like a perennial groundhog.

    The main difference is that when groundhogs raise their head, it forecasts either more winter or an early spring. In Carter's case, it's always gloom and blame of Israel. As President Reagan famously and appropriately quipped, "There you go again."

    It's novel for Jimmy Carter to use the anniversary of the U.N. Partition vote to be heard from most recently. He's too smart to make errors of the magnitude that he has in his New York Times op-ed, so I must write it off to his willfully misleading the reader. Let's address some of his misrepresentations.

    For starters, if on Nov. 29, 1947 the Arabs (the only ones referred to as "Palestinians" then were Jews) had accepted the U.N. Partition Plan, they'd have a state today, side by side with Israel.

    Carter disingenuously denies this, asserting that "peace is in danger of abrogation" as if Israel is the sole cause for the lack of peace. The fact is that if the Arabs laid down their weapons and stopped their rhetoric and incitement against Israel, they'd have peace tomorrow. He writes with arrogance as if only his voice is valid, but the truth is many former presidents and world leaders have spoken the truth, which Carter conveniently ignores.

    Take President Clinton, a fellow Democrat, who also spent more than a little time on the Israel-Arab conflict. Clinton blamed the Palestinians squarely for the failed negotiations during his presidency. "I killed myself to give the Palestinians a state. I had a deal they turned down that would have given them all of Gaza ... between 96 and 97 percent of the West Bank, compensating land in Israel, you name it."

    He blamed Yasser Arafat directly for the failure of the 2000 Camp David Summit.

    Continuing to rest his hat on a stack of half-truths, non-truths and innuendo, Carter chides Israel for the fact that Palestinian Arabs are not Israeli citizens. Of course, they aren't. They want their own state.

    Why should they be Israeli citizens? Many Palestinian Arabs are not citizens of the actual states in which they live including Syria, Lebanon and others. Why does Carter single out Israel, the Jewish state, as being responsible to grant citizenship to non-Israeli Palestinian Arabs who live in the Palestinian Authority? In fact, don't all states have the right to determine what if any non-citizens actually can become citizens?

    He adds to this the outright lie that "most (Palestinian Arabs) live under Israeli military rule." That's absurd. Most, the vast majority, live under Palestinian Authority or Hamas rule. These are simple facts he willfully misrepresents...

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    Sadly, Carter spends some of his time as a sunday school teacher these days if I read right. You would think he would know better than to curse Israel.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ezekiel 33 View Post
    Sadly, Carter spends some of his time as a sunday school teacher these days if I read right. You would think he would know better than to curse Israel.
    I'm not surprised. He probably only picks up the Bible when it's time to give his little white-washed lesson. Probably teaches his opinion more than the word, then slaps a biblical sounding title on it.
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