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Thread: Israel and Japan

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    Interesting's the first and last paragraph, tho everything in the middle is good too:

    -Walk down a side street in the Jerusalem neighborhood of Ramat Eshkol and you may came across a group of students chatting loudly in Hebrew as they review their Bible lessons of the day. Hardly an extraordinary sight in Israel—except that these aren’t Israelis. They’re young Japanese on student visas who have assumed hybrid names like Asher Sieto Kimura and Suzana Keiren Mimosa. And they’re Makuyas: members of a Japanese religious group that’s been fervently supportive of Israel since 1948...

    ...Abraham Ikuro Teshima, the founder of Makuya, died at age sixty-three of pneumonia, contracted while leading thousands of his followers on a cold winter day of demonstrations in support of Israel during the darkest days of the 1973 Yom Kippur war. Before the rally Teshima had said, “Israel cannot, must not, be forsaken in her time of need.” That’s a feeling many Japanese increasingly share today, just as they realize, in their own time of need, that Israel may hold a key to their protection as a nation.

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    That's amazing. Now if Japan as a nation supports Israel, imagine the ramifications....

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    I was at a Gathering with Watchmen for the Nations last weekend and there was a representation from Japan. What's happening there is fascinating and very exciting. There is, apparently, and I wish I could remember exactly what was said, a direct relation to the timing of revival breaking out in Japan and then, the rest of the world. Japan is a country we need to watch, follow and support spiritually.

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