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Thread: Amir Tsarfati: The Decline of An Empire

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    Amir Tsarfati: The Decline of An Empire

    Behold Israel with Amir Tsarfati ~ 10-8-2021

    Throughout history, empires have come and gone. What at one time seemed all-powerful eventually collapsed on itself. With each cycle of super-powers, it was possible to see the deterioration that eventually led to its demise. Amir Tsarfati, in his new teaching, The Decline of an Empire, walks through what these indicators are, and compares them to what we are seeing today in America. Because the key to all Bible prophecy is the Jew, Amir takes time to explain how the health of an empire depends on its treatment of Israel. Finally, he reminds the viewer that we as Christians have a higher allegiance than that given to our country and a much greater citizenship than what might be on the cover of our passports.

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