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    Quote Originally Posted by Muriel View Post
    Let me tell you.... he wanted your address. I said, "I don't know." I said you can tell where he kind of lives from his Strava app rides. He says that's no good. So, I say, are you FB friends with the wife? He says yes. FB Message her. He does. And it all goes from there. That's my very small involvement in all of this. I'm so happy though, that this bike found a loving home and that a preservation is in store for it. Be Blessed, FB, you deserve all the richness and fullness!
    Your brother just outdid himself on this. He caught me completely by surprise. I couldn't stop staring at it. God bless you both, you are such an incredible chapter in the story of my life.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FireBrand View Post
    For the past 5 months I have excitedly awaited this. Muriel's brother is a home inspector and has opportunity to see amazing bikes, which he enjoys texting me pics of. Not many are obtainable. Until now. Last July he found an unbelievable 1898 Glenwood out of the "safety bike" era when true bicycles came available as an improvement to the High-Wheelers and Pennyfarthings. I asked him if he could pursue it and he advised me it may be possible but I must be patient.

    We moved back to Boyne in October and I reopened and relit my bikeshop passion. As for that 120yr old bicycle? Well, I pretty much shelved the excitement and Muriel's brother had not said a peep about it.

    Then came Christmas Eve, we arrive back home after a festive night with family and all is quiet. My wife asked that I stay outside for a moment. Ok. By then, I knew some kind of surprise awaited me. I just never in my wildest dreams imagined seeing THIS....

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    Awesome...gotta love surprise blessings.

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    The paint cleaning and preservation is finished. It's all uphill from here...

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    The crankset, headset and front hub bearings went together just like a newer 35yr old classic racer. Now, I'm working on refinishing the wooden rims, new spokes on the front wheel. After both wheels are finished it is rideable but still will need grips and seat repair. Fun and challenging. After this project, all other bikes will seem easy. Here is a before and after of the most challenging section:

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